Chairman's Brand Franchising Expertise

Trust Us, We've Been There

Having over four decades of experience in the quick-service restaurant industry makes Chairman’s Brands a knowledgeable franchising partner. Our transformation from a small coffee shop in Bolton to one of the largest multi-brand restaurant franchising companies in Canada demonstrates our ability to adapt in the constantly changing restaurant industry and build a wealth of expertise.

Our goal is to expand throughout the country by teaming with passionate franchise operators. The diversity of our brands, menu and locations in our portfolio ensures our restaurant chains quickly serve tasty and varied meals while providing a local family atmosphere.

The Chairman’s Brand franchise process has been honed and can be easily scaled and replicated. Our streamlined process is designed to identify the best candidates for franchise opportunities and consider many factors, such as prior business and management experience, before awarding a franchise.

Chairman’s Brands has built a strong model that includes:

  • Site selection
  • Construction
  • Supply chain
  • Cost control
  • Staffing
  • Marketing

This model ensures that restaurants can be easily opened, rapidly grown, and financially profitable. Our franchisees feel comfortable and capable knowing that Chairman’s Brands is backed by 41 years of experience and success.

Find out more by visiting our Becoming a Franchisee page